Comfort & Relax

  • Soundproofed rooms
  • Longer beds
  • Pillow menu
  • Large private bathrooms


  • Self check-in with personal code
  • Active video surveillance
  • Smart TV
  • High performance Wi-Fi

Extra services on payment

  • Sauna & Relax
  • Italian breakfast service in the room
  • Airport shuttle service

Sanitation with Ozone generator!

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In our accommodation you can see for free:

From booking to check-in without keys: How it works

We have created this structure with the idea of ​​automating as much as possible all the most boring phases ranging from booking to check-in. We try to give you all the information, all the images and even the 360 ​​° virtual tour of the apartments so that you can make your choice with peace of mind.


Booking an apartment is quite simple: select the dates you are interested in and press the green “Check availability” button. You will be directed to a page where you can choose, as well as accommodation, also a series of additional services. If you have a promotional code, enter it and follow the guided tour.


On the last screen you will be asked to enter your credit card details. No amount will be charged at the time of booking, but a pre-authorization will be made which will block this amount. If the credit card is not valid or is a prepaid with insufficient credit, the reservation will not be accepted. For special needs contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Registration on Guest Portal

IMPORTANT:  By the date of arrival, it will be necessary to fill in the registration form, in order to be able to register in our management system and send your data to the police headquarters, the classic legal requirement of every accommodation facility. You will receive the link to this form by email, at the time of booking and the day before arrival as a reminder. Without registration you will not be able to receive the access code.

Personal code to enter

On the morning of your arrival you will receive a message with your access code in the accommodation and in your apartment via email or via WhatsApp. Some brief instructions will help you, then, to be absolutely independent and to be able to use all the services.

Arrival and self check-in

Through a system of cameras at the entrance of the accommodation, upon your arrival, we will check who you are and proceed to check-in, as happens in any hotel. The difference is you will not find a physical person waiting for you, and above all, you will not have to waste even a second to register.

Here’s what he says who has already come…

Some screenshots of messages exchanged with customers and the report

The Warrior’s rest

Who is the modern warrior?

The modern warrior is you that every day you get up to go to work and give all of yourself to get the best result for the company you work for. You are an entrepreneur, a manager, or an employee of your company, man or woman, you are part of an army that every day has to fight to win your challenge.

If you are here in Milan, in the beating heart of the Italian and European economy, it means that your challenge is already being fought on another level, very higher up, with a lot more energy, with more than average physical and mental effort.

And that’s why after such a busy day, you need rest. The best rest possible.

A good shower, a quiet relaxation, a comfortable bed, the pillow according to your needs, a temperature in the ideal room, no noise of city traffic or noisy neighbors, will allow you to recover all your energy and start again the next day with new vigor and indomitable strength.

And if the tiredness is such as to require extra relaxation, a sauna with chromotherapy will help you to better dispose of the slag, to sleep better and to recharge the batteries for the new battle.

Was necessary to create another accommodation facility in Milan, in spite of the offer?

We are a group of professionals, entrepreneur, company managers, even multinationals, who are often around the world, for work. For a long time we wondered, first individually, then talking about it together, as it should have been our perfect “business travel”.

Ok, perfect maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but if you travel for work and business, you know perfectly well that there are very few needs that are met in full. So we tried as much as possible to create an ideal environment for business travelers.

Attention, traveling for fun, maybe with the family, is very different than traveling alone (or with a colleague) for work reasons. Who travels and spends entire weeks away from home, at some point he needs to feel the domestic heat. The hotel, even when multi-starred, often remains too cold and impersonal. At least for most of us it is so, today.

So we created this structure because that’s what we always want to find around:

  • a smart and welcoming apartment: however small, complete with everything
    maximum freedom and the possibility to arrive at any time
  • not having to waste time in the evening, with exhaustion, to give documents and sign papers
  • maximum comfort, bathroom complete with all options, large TV connected to the internet
  • the possibility to choose the pillow, according to our habits
  • Wi-Fi internet that really works, included in the price
  • the possibility of leaving luggage stored, once left the room, until evening
  • a cost of affordable accommodation, considering these amenities, not a 5-star hotel

To all this we have also added extra services (for a fee), which can satisfy even the most demanding, at a low cost.

  • Breakfast service in the room
  • Linen change service during the period of stay
  • Transport service to and from airport, station, other destination
  • Relax with sauna, waterfall shower, chrome and aroma therapy

In practice we have tried to combine the best features of a home and family environment with the best features of hotel accommodation facilities. If we have succeeded, you will tell us, after having tried the experience in our Warrest accommodation.

Our apartments are not for you if:

You arrive in Milan with your family and you have small children. Our accommodation do not have facilities for the little ones, nor extra cradles and cribs. For your convenience, we recommend you search for specific facilities.

You are a smoker and you are used to smoking at home. In the whole structure, including rooms, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke. We believe it is a matter of respect for all guests who expect to find healthy and fragrant environments. Many accommodation facilities have smoking rooms available. We do not.

You want a terrace with a view. We have neither terraces nor panoramic views. Certainly you can enjoy the tranquility away from traffic noise, but if you look for a nice view, we can not satisfy you. Sorry.

You need the typical hotel services. We have tried to create an accommodation that is a hybrid between the classic short rent apartment and a hotel, but we do not have a reception open at any time, there is no change of linen and daily cleaning, there is no restaurant. You can also arrive at night, but you must register first, and you must be aware that after 10pm you will not be able to have assistance until the next morning.

Where we are

Via Marco Aurelio 8 Milano

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